New Year, New Life + Quarter Life


Leave the past. It’s 2017, and it’s time for new hopes, resolutions spring from our noodles. Continue reading “New Year, New Life + Quarter Life”


Road to N4, Back at WaniKani


So October, I’ve finally come to my senses that I need to get back at my studies a bit seriously this time.  I finished up N5 nicely and will be receiving my JLPT certificate soon, so it hit me… N4 is up next! Continue reading “Road to N4, Back at WaniKani”

JLPT N5: 合格しました!


It’s been a long time since I posted, when it’s the pre-JLPT period. I’ve been wanting to post something about my result but I didn’t really find much time due to, you know, LIFE. Continue reading “JLPT N5: 合格しました!”

[Motivation Post/Review] Suppli「サプリ」(2006 Jdrama): The show that made me wanna do this study

In this study that we go through is something that isn’t from because “we have to.” We do it because “we wanted to.” We wanted to be bilinguals, trilinguals, polyglots, or just simply to understand more depth to what we love.

For instance, my love for anything Japanese progressed because of this drama from 2006 called, “Suppli” or english-titled “Love Supplement.” Continue reading “[Motivation Post/Review] Suppli「サプリ」(2006 Jdrama): The show that made me wanna do this study”

First JLPT experience

Manila, Philippines. July 3,2016. Sunday. 12 noon.

I took JLPT N5 yesterday after re-studying basic Japanese for almost 1 year (alongside having a full time job). I have been posting updates of my study habit, my assessments of my progress up to this moment. So here’s a timeline of how I remember how everything went. Continue reading “First JLPT experience”